• Initial lending with a view to becoming S&I- or S&A-based
  • Bespoke security, usually second Charge against business
  • Some features of Secured & Insured or Secured & Assigned
  • Credit analysis, monthly monitoring

Bespoke loans are made on the same basis as S&I or S&A loans, with the sole exception being the rank of the all-assets charge. Bespoke loans are usually initially secured with a second charge which will transition to a first charge within a short period, usually less than three months. This flexibility allows us to raise larger amounts of money for Borrowers, without initially disturbing existing facilities.

Interest is set to reflect the initial period, during which the security is weaker. The rate remains unchanged throughout the loan term, giving Lenders the opportunity to enjoy a higher rate of interest than is usual for an S&I or S&A or S loan.

All other features of S&I or S&A or S apply, as appropriate.

All security details are listed alongside each loan on the platform. It is recommended that Lenders read and understand the information within the Project Description before investing.