What is the Investment Plan?

Too busy or not inclined to build your own portfolio? No problem. With ArchOver's Investment Plan, you can invest into a portfolio of loans and at a lower threshold.

In practice, the Investment Plan will be invested into the first 10 Secured projects which appear on our platform after the Plan draws down. No more than 10% of your portfolio will be invested into any one Borrower business. As the Plan develops, your funds will be re-invested into new projects as long as their terms fit with the Plan’s term. Each Plan has a target term of 26 months; this is to incorporate an initial deployment period, and to maximise the amount of interest that could be earned.

How it works

  • Invest in a portfolio of Secured loans to 10 different businesses
  • Receive monthly interest over a period of 26 months
  • Invest from £250
  • Benefit from ArchOver's stringent credit approval process
  • Earn a target rate of 7.40% p.a.
  • No fees whatsoever

Forecast lender rates have been input between 8.00% and 8.50%. Any lag (where the Investment Plan is waiting to be fully deployed) has been factored in on a case-by-case basis.