Sentiment Towards Banks Survey 2015

Banks still regarded as immoral and dishonourable – and have not atoned for their sins
76% of British public say bankers should waive their bonuses

As bank bonus season is upon us, an overwhelming majority of the 1,200 respondents to a survey by P2P lender ArchOver said that bankers should waive their bonuses.

The survey found that:
• 67% of people feel banks have behaved immorally
• 62% say bankers have not acted honourably
• 76% say bankers should waive their bonuses
• 73% think senior bank executives should cut their salaries
• 76% believe banks should pay more tax

Furthermore, 63% of respondents think that banks who have become reluctant to lend money should be more liberal towards SMEs with potential.

According to the research, bankers are not that much more popular than cold-call salespeople, traffic wardens, bailiffs, and politicians. They are even more unpopular than estate agents, journalists and reality TV stars.

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