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Frequently asked questions

If you cant find the answer to your question below then please contact us by email or phone 0203 021 8100.

  • Registering

    • Click on Register and in less than two minutes you can start lending through ArchOver.

    • You must be aged 18 or over, have a UK bank account and a permanent UK address. Non-UK residents are permitted to lend but will be considered at our sole discretion and must be able to provide ArchOver with relevant documentation. Please contact 0203 021 8100 or email hugo.smyly@archover.com for more information.

    • By law all P2P lending platforms must carry out Anti Money Laundering (AML) and Know Your Client (KYC) checks. These checks are automated but from time to time you may be asked to provide ArchOver with some additional information to confirm your identity or to prove your address.

    • If you invite a friend to join ArchOver, you will both earn £75 if they pledge a minimum of £5,000 within 90 days of registering.

      Inviting people to ArchOver is easy. Once you have completed your ArchOver profile in full, you will receive an email with your Unique Referral Code. You can also find this code when you log in to the Lender Dashboard under ‘Invite & Earn’. The person you refer will need to enter the code when they register with ArchOver. Sharing it can be done in two ways:

      1. By forwarding the email mentioned above. This includes a link to the registration page that they can use.
      2. By logging into ‘Invite & Earn’ where will find both your Unique Referral Code and a link that you can send to your friends. When your friend registers via this link, the ‘Referral Code’ section will be automatically populated with your Unique Referral Code. Alternatively, they can manually enter your Unique Referral Code when they register.

      You will be notified when someone registers using your Unique Referral Code and when you can expect to receive your payment of £75.

      There is no limit to the number of people you can refer. You will earn £75 for every successful referral that fulfils the Terms and Conditions of the ArchOver Lender Referral Scheme.

      Terms and Conditions can be found here or on the Lender Dashboard under ‘Invite & Earn’.

      If you have any further questions about the Referral Scheme, please get in touch with us on 0203 021 8100 or at support@archover.com.

  • Pledging & Payment

    • Each project has a pledge button. Click on the ‘pledge’ button, decide how much you wish to pledge, in multiples of £1,000, and press ‘Accept’.  By clicking accept, you accept the Terms & Conditions for the Loan, confirm your profile is up to date and you commit to the pledge.

    • We have a minimum pledge of £1,000. Thereafter Lenders must pledge in multiples of £1,000. There is a limit of 50% of the value of each loan for a single Lender. Make sure any lending through ArchOver forms part of a balanced portfolio.

    • No, the rate posted is the rate you receive. Fees are only paid by Borrowers.

    • There are two payment options available to you, both powered by our partner MangoPay:

      1) Direct Debit: Used by the majority of our Lenders this enables you to set up a mandate to transfer the amount automatically when you make a pledge. You only need to set up the mandate once allowing all future pledges to be collected directly from your designated bank account. Go to the Bank Account section in ‘My Profile’ to enable Direct Debit. For more information on Direct Debit and how it works, please visit: directdebit.co.uk/. The maximum single payment you can make by Direct Debit is £20,000. Any payments over this limit must be made by bank transfer

      2) Bank transfer: After confirming your pledge to a project you will be presented with three pieces of information, a bank account number, a sort code and your lender reference number, allowing you to manually transfer the pledge amount. For each payment that you make via bank transfer, the same sort code, account number and reference is used.

      Unlike other platforms we do not operate a deposit or withdrawal function as we believe you should only transfer money when you are committed to a project.

    • A Direct Debit is an instruction from you to your bank which authorises the organisation that you want to pay to collect varying amounts from your account, provided you have been given prior notice of the amounts and dates of collection.

      In order to set up Direct Debit with ArchOver, you will need to create a mandate. To do this, please log in to ‘My Profile’ and enable Direct Debit in the ‘Bank Account’ section. Once you press ‘Save’, you will be taken through the mandate set up process with our payments partner, MangoPay. Thereafter, all pledge payments under £20,000 will be taken by Direct Debit from the bank account listed on your account.

      If you want to switch off Direct Debit, please go to ‘My Profile’ and switch the ‘Payments by Direct Debit’ button to ‘No’. Once you press ‘Save’, your mandate will be cancelled and all future pledge payments will need to be paid for by bank transfer. However, please note that this does not cancel any pending Direct Debit payments. To do this, please contact your bank.

      All Direct Debit payments are protected by the Direct Debit Guarantee. For more information, please visit The Direct Debit Guarantee.

    • If you have not set up Direct Debit with ArchOver, your funds should be transferred within 24 hours. Email reminders will be sent if you do not pay and you risk not being part of the project if your funds are late.

      If you have set up Direct Debit with ArchOver, the pledge amount will be debited from your account 3-4 working days after you pledged and no further action will be required. You will be given prior notice of the amounts and dates of collection for all Direct Debit payments.

    • As soon as the Borrower draws down the funds, interest starts to accrue. Interest is paid to you monthly in arrears with the capital repaid at the end of the project term. You will be informed when the project draws down.

    • Interest is paid monthly in arrears back into the bank account detailed in your profile. A full breakdown of your monthly payments are available through the payment calendar on your dashboard. You will be informed when interest payments are made.

    • Each project states the interest being paid. Interest rates increase the longer the term of the loan. Once you have started lending, your Lender Dashboard will display your average interest rate based on the projects you have lent to. Please refer to the ArchOver homepage for the current average rate of interest being paid to Lenders. Alternatively, register to the platform where you can view both past and current Investment Opportunities and the rates associated with them.

    • ArchOver does not currently operate a loan exchange for Lenders to buy and sell loans. We anticipate launching a loan exchange in 2017.

      Should you wish to sell your loan unit(s) please contact hugo.smyly@archover.com.

    • No. Each loan is listed individually to allow the Lender to view all relevant details prior to pledging. As a Lender you select each project you would like to participate in as and when the they become live on the platform. You are notified by email when a project goes live.

    • You should always diversify your portfolio when lending through any P2P lending platform. We suggest you start small and build your portfolio as each opportunity arises.

    • No. ArchOver is not allowed to offer any advice or opinion as to which projects you should lend to. Lending should always form part of a balanced portfolio.

    • The recently launched Innovative Finance ISA (IFISA) allows peer-to-peer investments up to £15,240 to be held in the Isa’s tax wrapper. This is not currently available on the ArchOver platform however we anticipate offering this service in 2017.


    • Investments over the ArchOver platform can be made using a SIPP or a SSAS.


      ArchOver have been approved by various SIPP and SSAS providers. Please contact ArchOver for more information on this by email at info@archover.com or by phone on 0203 021 8100.


  • How ArchOver Works

    • Each potential Borrower must meet the minimum criteria for any ArchOver service.

      We define the minimum criteria for a Borrower seeking a Secured & Insured loan as:

      • Trading for at least 2 years
      • Turnover of at least £2m to support £250k + loans
      • England & Wales or Scottish Registered Business
      • Trade Business to Business
      • Proven business model & stable management team
      • Business model based on the supply of goods and services
      • Have a Credit File
      • Have an Accounts Receivables balance which a loan can be secured against – 80% LTV
      • Accounts Receivable can be credit insured

      We define the minimum criteria for a Borrower seeking a Secured & Assigned loan as:

      • Trading for at least 3 years, preferably 5 years
      • Turnover of at least £2m
      • England & Wales or Scottish Registered Business
      • Trade Business to Business
      • Proven business model & stable management team
      • Business model based on contracted recurring revenue
      • Allow ArchOver to take assignment of the contracts

      Beyond the criteria listed above, all Borrowers must also allow ArchOver to take an all-asset charge over the company and pass our thorough credit analysis, conducted by our expert Credit Team. More details of this can be found under the ‘Security’ section of these FAQs.

    • No. As part of the ArchOver service extensive due diligence is carried out by our experienced Credit Team. Full details of the project are listed on the platform. Please call us on 0203 021 8100 if you have any questions, as we are always happy to help. Please note we are not authorised to provide any advice or opinion on the Borrowing company.

    • Each loan on the platform (we call them projects) has the length of the term listed. The minimum term available is three months with a maximum of 36 months. The average project length is currently 12 months.

    • The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) stipulates that all P2P lending platforms must have a cooling off period of 14 days for every lending opportunity – this applies to both Lenders and Borrowers. Your 14 day cooling off period starts from the date you make a pledge.

    • As a Lender on the ArchOver platform you are responsible for detailing to HMRC interest earned through your lending activity on the ArchOver platform. Your Lender dashboard has a Payments table that details the amount of interest paid over the course of the tax year and you can download the statement in PDF or .CSV formats.

      In April 2016 the Treasury confirmed that the first £1,000 of peer-to-peer earnings is tax-free, with the limit capped at £500 for higher rate taxpayers.

      The statement generated on the ArchOver platform is purely a guideline – if you have any questions about your tax, you should contact your tax adviser or local tax office.

    • If a project fails to fund, all funds are returned at no cost to the Lenders.

    • No. There is no universally agreed grading system for credit risk for small and medium sized businesses. We only work with companies who have passed our rigorous credit analysis.

    • We have a zero tolerance to late payments. If payments and/or monthly reporting are not made on time and a Borrower cannot rectify the situation within a maximum of 14 days we will start the recovery process.

    • Yes. Borrowers can repay their loan(s) early and the final interest and capital repayment will be transferred to the bank account details listed on your Lender profile. There is no early redemption charge to Borrowers.

    • ArchOver is committed to providing a high quality, transparent and accessible service to everyone we deal with. In order to do this, we need you to tell us when we get things wrong. We want to help resolve your complaint as quickly as possible and to your satisfaction.

      If you wish to make a complaint, you can do so by email (info@archover.com) or letter. We are happy to deal in the first instance by phone to see if we can resolve your issue quickly but if not we will require a written complaint so we can fully understand the issue(s).

      If you are disabled and need a reasonable adjustment to ensure you can register your complaint, you can contact us alternatively by:

      -Telephone (one of our officers will help you by writing out your complaint)

      -Asking a member of staff to help you in writing out your complaint. Our contact details are on the ArchOver website or please call 0203 021 8100. If you require different adjustments, let us know and we will try and put those arrangements in place where we can.

      Click HERE to learn more about our complaint email.

  • Security

    • All loans facilitated by ArchOver are secured by an all-asset charge over the Borrower’s business, registered at Companies House. In addition, all borrower revenues flow through ‘Daily Transition Accounts’ owned by ArchOver. This means we can quickly recover funds in ‘days’ rather than ‘months’ for our lenders. The all-asset charge and controlled bank accounts are in place for all loans on the ArchOver platform.

      Loans are further secured by a second tier of protection, which sits on top of the basic security requirements listed above, and which varies dependent on the lending model.  Secured & Insured loans are secured against a company’s Accounts Receivable (ARs), the money owed for the goods and services the business delivers to its customers. The ARs are insured by our partners Coface against late or non-payment. Coface are a world leading provider of credit insurance and debt recovery services.

      For Secured & Assigned loans, ArchOver takes assignment of the contracted recurring revenue, meaning ArchOver is the beneficial owner of those contracts, and may dispose of them to a third party if necessary.

      The two lending models address security in different ways to suit the different needs of the Borrowers, but with both, Lender security throughout is paramount. ArchOver always ensures that the security in place is appropriate.

      We have a zero tolerance of default. Unlike other P2P platforms, this includes any missed payment. We also monitor the Borrower monthly throughout the loan term. More information on our Due Diligence process can be found below.

    • ArchOver’s Due Diligence process spans the entire borrowing cycle; from the moment a Borrower first engages with our Sales Team we are collecting information about their business, and this continues right through to the point at which the loan is repaid.

      It is fair to say that our Borrower Due Diligence never stops, but the linchpin in the process is the work done during Credit Analysis, before a loan goes live on the platform.

      Once a prospective Borrower has provided the necessary materials, their loan application is passed on to the ArchOver Credit Team for review. The Credit Team examines the business’ historic accounts, management accounts, projections and available security.

      For a Secured & Insured loan, they look at the debtor history and the credit insurance cover available on borrowing businesses. The Team looks to leverage the credit insurers’ knowledge of the Borrower’s clients and their creditworthiness, as well as their broader micro and macroeconomic market data, into the Credit Analysis process. In many ways, this insurer-led analysis represents a second level of Due Diligence.

      For a Secured & Assigned loan, the Team also reviews the Borrower’s historic levels of monthly recurring revenue and analyses the rate of client churn.

      When the Credit Team has completed its review, they issue a paper to the ArchOver Credit Committee with a recommendation on whether to proceed with a loan or not. Subject to Credit Committee approval, the loan will then be prepared for the platform.

      After the loan has funded and drawn down we enter a new phase of Due Diligence, which we call Monthly Monitoring. Each month we request an up-to-date debtor listing (for Secured & Insured) or recurring revenue schedule (for Secured & Assigned) and the previous month’s management accounts for review. This process allows us to track the progress of our borrowing businesses and act in a timely manner where we need to.

    • Yes – due diligence never stops. ArchOver assess the Borrower on a monthly basis.

      A Borrower must report their debtor book (Accounts Receivable) or recurring revenue schedule on the 5th of the month. We check this against forecasts and ensure that there is a minimum 125% Value to Loan (VLT). The Borrower must also send their full management accounts on the 20th of each month so we can check these against forecasts to keep a close eye on the health of the business. We also do a site visit every six months.

    • Yes. The platform has been built upon the recognised industry standard Microsoft.Net software stack. The platform has been designed from the ground up as a scalable, secure and resilient solution. The Microsoft.Net stack provides the strong base grounding for support of scalability and also provides industry tried and test facilities for security.

      ArchOver have a full Service Level Agreement with both our development partners Gislen and our hosting partners Ipeer that provides for contingency in the case of server failure or invasion and a robust disaster recovery process.

      Our platform has passed a regulated load balancing test for its ability to cope with up to 800% expected activity. It has also passed a focused penetration test to cover off base level attack vectors.

    • ArchOver takes its own security and the security of its customers very seriously.

      ArchOver maintains a secure internal back office network running off encrypted lines to our cloud based office systems.

      Our transactional platform is hosted in a secure virtual server farm in Sweden, so all data is maintained within the EU to comply with data protection directives.

      Data is backed up on an incremental basis daily, and a full backup weekly. Data is only accessible via ArchOver staff and support delegates.

      The transactional site uses 1024 bit encryption via HTTPS over the internet. Sensitive data is encrypted at storage. The transactional site is constantly monitored 24/7 for health and attacks. The SLAs in place provide for immediate notification of any service issues or suspicious access.

    • Yes. All Lenders are anonymous to other Lenders and the Borrowing company. Each Lender has a unique ID.

    • The FCA have approved ‘run off’ plans for all fully regulated platforms. ArchOver is part of the Hampden Group of companies.  Hampden operates in the highly regulated Lloyds insurance market as well as owning a bank and 40 other firms. Hampden are contractually bound to ensure ArchOver remains operational through the term of the loan book ‘run off’.

    • ArchOver is fully authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority under registration number 723755.

    • ArchOver is not covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme. Please see the Risk Warning (https://www.archover.com/risk-warning/) for more information.

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