Secured & Insured

Earn up to 9% p.a.* with Secured P2P Business Lending

*Your capital is at risk and interest payments are not guaranteed if the borrower defaults.

Secured & Insured

  • Loan secured against Accounts Receivable (ARs)
  • ARs protected by credit insurance
  • Comprehensive credit analysis
  • Monthly monitoring

Secured & Assigned

  • Loan secured against Recurring Revenue
  • Contracts and revenue assigned
  • Comprehensive credit analysis
  • Monthly monitoring

Smart & Simple

  • No lender fees
  • Simple registration
  • Invest on a loan by loan basis
  • Invest via SIPP or SSAS

How ArchOver can help

Competitive Rates

“I am looking for a clear and straightforward proposition before I commit my money."
The ArchOver Difference: ArchOver loans are selected on a project-by-project basis. Prior to investing you know the interest rate, the loan term and the type of business you are lending to.

Credible Security

“I want to know that my money is in safe hands and that security is in place."
The ArchOver Difference: ArchOver performs detailed credit analysis before a loan is approved and monthly monitor both the assets and the borrowers business throughout the loan term. All loans are secured against the businesses assets.

No Fees

“I don’t want to discover later that my returns are reduced by fees hidden in the small print."
The ArchOver Difference: ArchOver publishes the interest rate next to every loan. The published rate is the rate you receive; no hidden or added fees.

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Investment Opportunities

Security for Lenders

All ArchOver loans are secured against an all asset charge (registered Companies House) over a Borrower’s business. For additional security and additional legal rights, all Borrower revenues from the sale of goods/services flow through controlled bank accounts owned by ArchOver before passing through to the Borrower’s bank account.

Every loan listed on the platform has been pre-screened and approved by our experienced in-house credit team. All loans and Borrowing company details are available for you to view via your Investment Dashboard. The rate, loan term and loan security type are listed and as the Lender you always make the final decision on which companies you would like to invest in.

The interest rate posted against the loan is the rate you receive. There are no costs to lend and the rate is fixed for the duration of the loan term.

We offer two secure lending services that support growing UK businesses:

‘Secured & Insured’

Secured & Insured loans are made against the continuing value of company’s Accounts Receivable (AR). The ARs are the invoices/money owed for the goods and/or services the business has delivered to its customers at any given time. During the term of the loan the Borrower must maintain their ARs at 125% Value to the Loan (VTL). We monitor the VTL and the Borrowers management accounts every month.

The ARs are also insured against late or non-payment. We use Credit Insurance provided by our partners Coface. Coface are a world leading provider of credit insurance and debt recovery services. Coface’s analysis of both the Borrower, the market sector they operate in and the creditworthiness of their customers, provides additional comfort on top of our own in-depth credit analysis.

If the Borrower defaults, in late payment, monthly reporting or breaches the VTL, our all asset charge and controlled accounts allow us to quickly step in and collect the value of the AR and pass it onto our Lenders to repay their capital.

‘Secured & Assigned’

Secured & Assigned loans are made against the value of contracted recurring revenues of established and profitable businesses with very loyal clients (known as low churn) looking for a loan to help them expand. Contracted recurring revenue means guaranteed revenue for supply of a service. During the term of the loan the Borrower must maintain their client revenues/low churn. We monitor the churn and management accounts every month.

ArchOver also takes assignment of the contracts as further security in addition to the standard all asset charge and controlled accounts.

If the Borrower defaults in late payment, monthly reporting or churn our all asset charge, assignments and controlled accounts allow us to quickly step in to either/or collect revenues, sell on the contracts or administer the business until the loan is repaid.

Credit and Monitoring

Our experienced Credit Team performs a detailed credit analysis before a loan is approved and our Loan Managers monitor the borrowers’ businesses and assets each month throughout the loan term. An unparalleled service not often carried out by other P2P lending platforms.

**Rates subject to change. Your capital is at risk and interest payments are not guaranteed if the borrower defaults. Lending over the ArchOver platform is not covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme. Interest rates are guided by the Lending model associated with the loan and the loan term. Loans that do not offer credit insurance may yield greater returns but can lead to a larger capital loss in case of default.




TermsInterest p.a.**(bullet term repayments)
Secured & Insured - 1 yearFrom 6.50%
Secured & Insured - 2 yearFrom 7.00%
Secured & Insured - 3 yearFrom 9.00%
Secured & Assigned - 1 yearFrom 8.00%
Secured & Assigned - 2 yearFrom 8.50%

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