The ArchOver Difference

At ArchOver, we want to listen and engage with you personally. We strive to understand who you are and stand beside you as you achieve your goals and grow your business.


No personal guarantees
No penalty for early repayment
Additional financing or refinancing is available


No hidden fees
Fixed term from 3 to 36 months
Fixed amount with no facility fluctuation


Flexible lending, as you grow
Straightforward monthly reporting
Building relationships, face-to-face

Lending Services

We provide funding for cross-sector UK SMEs using our four lending models. All loans are secured with an all-asset charge over a Borrower's business, and all Borrower revenues flow through controlled bank accounts owned by ArchOver. Our specialist Credit Team performs detailed credit analysis on each loan before approving and listing on the platform. Our Loan Managers monitor the business and its assets monthly, throughout the loan term.

Secured & Insured
from 8.2% p.a.


  • All-asset charge against business
  • Leveraging finance against Accounts Receivable
  • ARs insured against late or non-payment
  • Credit analysis, monthly monitoring, controlled bank accounts

Secured & Assigned
from 9.70% p.a.


  • All-asset charge against business
  • Leveraging finance against contracted recurring revenues
  • Guaranteed revenue contracts assigned to ArchOver
  • Credit analysis, monthly monitoring, controlled bank accounts

from 8.95% p.a.


  • All-asset charge against business
  • Leveraged against ARs or contracted recurring revenue
  • ARs non-insured/recurring revenue non-assignable
  • Credit analysis, monthly monitoring, controlled bank accounts

from 11.20% p.a.


  • Initial lending with a view to becoming SI- or SA-based
  • Bespoke security, usually 2nd Charge against business
  • Some features of Secured & Insured or Secured & Assigned
  • Credit analysis, monthly monitoring

* Rates are subject to change.

Loan Approval and Management

Our experienced Credit Team performs a detailed credit analysis before a loan is approved and our Loan Managers monitor the Borrowers’ businesses and assets each month throughout the loan term. Whilst we are managing the loan process in the background, we leave you to the day-to-day running and management of your business.

How ArchOver works

As a Borrower, you are required to be a UK limited liability partnership or a limited company and must have a UK bank or building society account. You need to have been operating for 2 or more years, and be seeking a minimum loan of £250,000. You are also required to have a proven management team and business model. Your loan will be secured against your company's assets.


Loans are for any business purpose, typically raising working capital, replacing invoice discounting, factoring or bank overdrafts. Minimum borrowing level is £250,000. Borrowers pay a competitive rate per annum, plus a one-off marketing fee of 4.8% and cost of insurance (Secured & Insured only).

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Risk Warning - Please Read

Lenders: Your capital is at risk and interest payments are not guaranteed if the borrower defaults. Historic loan default rates are not necessarily indicative of future default rates. Lending over the ArchOver platform is not covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme. The current average return is based on the total amount raised over the platform. It is the result of calculating the average Lender return, before tax, of every loan funded over the ArchOver platform, 22 August 2014 to 28 November 2017. Borrowers: In the event of default ArchOver will seek to recover assets to the full value of the loan. For more information about the risks involved please read the full Risk Warning.