Raise capital

Fund your business the smart way with fixed term, fixed rate loans 


  • Loan secured on accounts receivable or recurring revenue streams
  • No cost for early repayment
  • Plan and grow efficiently


  • No personal guarantees
  • Fixed interest rate
  • Fixed term - 3 to 24 months


  • Use your customer balances or recurring revenue as security
  • Use other assets to secure other funding
  • Protection from customer default

How ArchOver can help

Improved Cash Flow

SME Problem: “When the bank replaced our overdraft with an invoice finance facility we lost flexibility but faced increased costs."
The ArchOver Difference: We provide a fixed term solution that not only improves cash flow, but gives you the certainty you need to build for the future.

Maximise Efficiency

SME Problem: “We were paying a lot of money for a service from our invoice finance provider, but we were doing all the work."
The ArchOver Difference: We let you use your resources to best effect without compromising valuable banking and customer relationships.

Reduced Costs

SME Problem: “When we switched to an invoice finance facility, we were never made aware of the additional fees and disbursements we would have to pay."
The ArchOver Difference: We offer a clear and personalised alternative that supports working capital without penalising you with unexpected charges.

We arch over the banks – matching lenders and borrowers

We’re a premier P2P business lending platform that brings together established businesses looking to raise money with people and other investors who want to lend.
We help you to cut out the costs and bureaucracy of dealing with banks, so you can get an affordable business loan from £250,000 to £5,000,000 in a much quicker way.

We have made the process simple

ArchOver does not rely on guesswork. Our brokering partners facilitate insurance against default on your Accounts Receivable and ArchOver places a first charge security over (your) Accounts Receivable.

Loans are interest only for 3 to 24 months and can usually be rolled over. Capital is payable at the end of the term.

Transparent & Simple

Loans are for any business purpose, typically raising working capital, replacing invoice discounting, factoring or bank overdrafts. Maximum loan value is £5,000,000, the minimum borrowing level is set at £250,000. Borrowers pay a competitive rate per annum, plus a one off marketing fee of 4.8% (1.2% for rollovers) and cost of insurance.

*Rates subject to change. 

Terms.Interest only rates(bullet term repayments)
Secured & Insured - 1 year8.45% p.a.
Secured & Insured - 2 year.8.95% p.a.
Secured & Assigned - 1 year9.95% p.a.
Secured & Assigned - 2 year10.45%

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