Breaking Bad


Dena Stern, a young woman in the prime of her life is suddenly diagnosed with cancer. She barely earns enough money to pay her bills and now she desperately needs funds to help pay for her treatment.

In the hit TV show Breaking Bad the quintessential 21st century anti-hero, Walter White, turns to a life of crime and drugs to raise funds. Dena turns to Crowdfunding!

Crowdfunding now offers patients, scientists, and doctors a chance to raise funds to pay for treatments and research and Dena Stern is living proof having recently beat cancer with the help of Standbuy.

Standbuy is a leading, donation based Crowdfunding platform to emerge and their goal is to “provide a focused, supportive and easy to use platform so that others might find a little more room in their day for healing instead of worrying about financial stress.”

It is certainly early days for Crowdfunding and cancer but with positive stories like Dena Stern Crowdfunding can have a hugely positive impact in healthcare and medical treatment.

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